How do payouts work?

  • Each player is automatically assigned their rank value once scoring is final. For example, if 5th place overall is worth $20, and Tom Brady finishes with the 5th most points, then every user holding Tom Brady receives $20 per share. You can see the payouts for each event by clicking on the "i" info button in the upper right of an event or on the players face on the players screen.

How are payouts determined?

  • Final payouts are set by Jock MKT. Each final rank has a known value, and is clearly listed in the event when you join.

Are payouts guaranteed?

  • Yes! Payouts are fixed and guaranteed based on final rankings.

What happens if there’s a tie?

  • All ties are broken based on Jock MKT's pre-rank. If two players finish with the same fantasy point total, the player who was ranked higher before the event will finish ahead of the other player.

How does in-game trading work?

  • In-game pricing is driven by user trading activity. Prices update based on new user offers, and recently completed trades.