Buy and sell in real-time by trading with other users. Prices update based on available trade offers.  See below for some more FAQs about Live Trading

What is a bid (or buy)

  • A bid is the most you (or another user) is willing to pay for a share. If you see a bid listed, then that means another user is willing to buy at that price.

  • How much should I bid

    • Think about where you think each player will finish. Check our valuations for final rankings, and bid a little bit less than that final value. If you are outbid, you will be notified in real time.

What is an ask (or sell)

  • An ask is the least you (or another user) is willing to sell a share for. If you see an ask listed, then that means another user is willing to sell at that price.

How do I buy and sell

  • You buy or sell by trading with other users. The system matches "bids" (buyers) and "asks" (sellers) in real-time based on best available price. The highest bid and lowest ask for each player are listed on the right hand side of the player list.

  • How does in-game trading work

    • In-game pricing is driven by user trading activity. Prices update based on new user offers, and recently completed trades.

Why did I only get some of my shares (live trading)

  • During live trading, our system matches on best available price. If you bought or sold less shares than you ordered, then we could match no additional users at your price. Your remaining order will remain open until it's filled, canceled, or expires.

What’s breakeven rank

  • Breakeven rank is the place the player needs to finish to payout more than their IPO price.