The IPO is only available in limited markets.  Please check the timing when joining to see if the market event has an IPO.

What is an IPO

  • The IPO (Initial Player Offering) is an auction. Users bid for a limited number of shares, with the prices updating in real time. When the IPO ends (which is listed in the event), shares are distributed to the winning bidders, who pay $0.01 more than the last user that wanted shares, but either was outbid or didn't bid enough to qualify.

How does the IPO Pricing Work

  • Pricing is market-driven and works based on the number of shares available in an event and the bids made from players. The number of shares for each event is pre-determined by Jock MKT and the bids are made from users.

    • Example - If there are 10 shares available, and player A puts in a bid for 5 shares for $10, and Player B puts in a bid for 5 shares for $11, and player C puts in a bid for 7 shares at $12. The IPO price will be 10.01, player B will win 3 shares, and player C will win 7. Player A is outbid.

Why did I only get some of my shares

  • There weren't enough shares available at your price. During IPO, there are limited shares. If you received less than what you requested, then you're probably the low bidder, and other users bid more than you. 

What happens after the IPO

  • After the IPO, shares are awarded to the highest bidders. Any bid amount in excess of the closing bid is returned to users. At this point, trading is live!

How much should I bid

  • Think about where you think each player will finish. Check our valuations for final rankings, and bid a little bit less than that final value.  If the final IPO price is lower than your bid amount, you will purchase the shares at the IPO price, not your bid price. Therefore, make sure your bid amount is the maximum that you're willing to pay.  If you are outbid, you will be notified in real time.