1. Select 11 players from the available sports/stats or use “Quick Entry” to select all or the remaining players/stats for you.
  2. Tap “View Entry” once you’ve made your selections to see your entry of 11 players/stats.
  3. Choose MORE or LESS for the 11 selected players/stats based on how you think they’ll perform.
  4. Tap “Place Jockpot Entry” to submit your entry.
  5. See your progress and results in the “Entries” tab while games are in progress and when they are finalized. To see progress and results of other users use the “Leaderboard” tab.

Other notes:

  • A selection of MORE or LESS must be chosen for 11 unique picks. Picks must be chosen from the list of available stats on the Jockpot screen. These may differ from what’s available on Pick ‘Em.

  • Entries may not be edited or canceled after submission.
  • Ties and DNP’s do not count as a correct pick.
  • Picks from canceled, suspended, or postponed games will not count as a correct pick.
  • Entries must include players from at least 2 different teams.
  • Entries cannot include the same player more than once.