Why am I being asked to submit a photo of my ID?

If your account isn't automatically verified upon sign-up, we need further information from you to verify your identity.

To complete this process, you only need your smartphone and a government-issued ID. 


What happens after I submit my ID?

You will either be...

1. Verified - You'll get a notification saying you've completed verification

2. Asked to resubmit your ID - The most common reasons for this are a blurry picture, improper lighting, or an invalid ID, like a library card or debit card.

3. Placed in review - A verification specialist will review your account information further.

4. Denied -  If you are denied, you will unfortunately not be able to play on Jock MKT. Jock MKT reserves the right to deny verification to anyone at its sole discretion, and we will not be able to provide specific information to individuals regarding why they were denied.